5 Top Spots for Indian Gold Jewellery

Indian Gold Jewellery is renowned for its intricate detail, striking designs and of course the vibrance of the colour range. Indian jewellery is also going through constant change.  On the one hand traditional craftsmen continue to create classic, timeless pieces. While on the other, more modern designers are shaping jewellery to reflect the spirit of the age. But classic or modern, across the great jewellery stores of India, designers are putting together awesome jewellery for customers everywhere. Here’s a pick of just 5 notable Indian jewellers:

Hazoorilal Jewellers

Operating for more than six decades, Hazoorilal Jewellers is a mainstay for Delhi jewellery connoisseurs, and those seeking innovative and outstanding statement jewellers. Hazoorilal was one of the first Indian Jewellers to provide certified diamonds. They also make a specialty in polki and gold jewellery and provide an altogether sumptuous collection of yellow diamond designs. Hazoorilal has long been favoured among those looking for that total bridal jewellery collection.


One of the great names among popular jewellers in India is of course Tanishq. Tanishq looks after a very broad spectrum of customers, ranging from those on relatively modest budgets, right up to customers   who are looking for classic, statement pieces.  The Tanishq brand has an ISO certified jewellery status, and the stores are part of the TATA group. Many of the Tanishq designs have a modern flair. Combined with an appeal to a traditional look and feel at their heart. Look out for Tanishq among the designer jewellery in those mega-budget Bollywood films.


Tribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri, or TBZ as it is more popularly known, is at the forefront of famous names in jewellery in the north f India. TBZ’s collection of gold jewellery is quite startling, and is much sought after by Indian brides, looking for the mega statement piece to offset their bridal trousseau. TBZ are also rightly prized for their handcrafted jewellery selection.

PC Jewellers

A relative newcomer to the collections of India’s jewellery purveyors, PC Jewellers has been picking up plaudits on a regular basis in recent year. PC Jewellers are famous for their extravagant collections of gold jewellery, and has some 50 stores across India. They pride themselves on offering the purest quality of certified gold.


A globally famous luxury jewellery brand, Amrapali is among the real topflight of Indian jewellers. The Amrapali range of collections reflect the richness of native Indian aesthetics and yet also display a modern feel. In many cases designs from Amrapali are inspired from the ancient arts of India.

All five of these famous Indian jewellery houses combine the best of classical tradition, with a modern twist, taking ancient ideas and giving the new form. If you love with traditional jewellery, a bespoke jeweller such as these will fill your heart’s desire.

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