India’s Gold Investing Surges During Akshaya Tritiya Amid Global Price Rebound

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A Look at Gold Investment Trends in India During the Festive Season


As India celebrated the Akshaya Tritiya festival on Friday, May 10, 2024, gold investing demand in the country saw a significant uptick compared to last year’s festivities. The London benchmark auction, a crucial gauge for global bullion prices, recorded a price close to $2370 per Troy ounce, marking a 3.1% increase from the previous week and nearing the all-time high of $2401 reached on April 12.


Household Gold Demand vs. Speculative Investing


Driving Forces Behind the Gold Price Surge


Traditionally, speculative investors have led most gold price rallies. However, this year’s significant March-April rally was notably driven by a surge in physical gold demand from China, marking a departure from usual trends. This shift highlights a broader pattern of increased household gold consumption, particularly in major markets like China and India.


India’s Festive Gold Buying


During Akshaya Tritiya, one of the most auspicious days to buy gold in India, household jewelry and investing demand was expected to be slightly lower in terms of volume compared to last year. However, Harshal Barot, a senior consultant for South Asia at Metals Focus, noted that the sharp rise in both Rupee and Dollar gold prices since the last festival could mean that the overall value of purchases might match or exceed last year’s figures.


Record Values Amidst Slipping Volumes


India’s Jewelry Market Dynamics


India’s gold jewelry demand dipped by 4.1% by weight in 2023 but set a new record by value, exceeding $35.9 billion. This figure doubled from the lows seen during the COVID-19 crisis, according to data from the World Gold Council. This indicates a robust market where value gains compensate for lower volumes, reflecting higher global gold prices.


Growth in Investment Products


Retail gold bar and coin investment demand grew even more significantly, expanding by 15% in Dollar value and by 6.7% in weight. The first quarter of 2024 saw an 18.4% increase in the value of India’s consumer gold demand from the same period last year, outpacing the growth in bullion content of jewelry and investment products.


Retailers’ Expectations and Consumer Behavior


Retailers across India reported optimistic expectations for this season’s sales. The Times of India quotes a Pune retailer who expects lightweight jewelry, coins, and bullion to attract more buyers. Another retailer anticipates that sales volumes might surpass last year’s levels due to increased rates, and a third notes significant footfall and pre-bookings at their store, projecting a 10-12% increase in revenue sales compared to the previous year.


Global Market Implications


Trading Volumes and International Interest


Ahead of the festival, trading volumes on the Shanghai Futures Exchange saw a remarkable increase, nearly doubling from earlier in the week and reaching the highest point since before China’s Labor Day holidays. This uptick in activity underscores the global interest in gold, influenced by market movements and festive demand from India.


Contrasts in Western Markets


In Western markets, the demand to invest in gold appeared weaker, with significant ETFs like the GLD gold trust seeing reductions for the first time in four weeks. Meanwhile, silver also experienced notable movements, with prices in London reaching $28.65 per Troy ounce, reflecting a continued recovery in precious metals.




As global gold prices continue to experience volatility and resurgence, India’s robust festival spending and the evolving consumer preferences for gold investment are shaping market trends. These dynamics not only reflect the cultural significance of gold in India but also its increasing role as a financial asset in times of global economic fluctuations. For more detailed insights and updates on the gold market, tune into our Gold Market Reports on YouTube.


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